As a real estate agent, finding that perfect home for your client can have its challenges, yet can be very rewarding in the end. But, before that moment happens, you and your clients have to navigate the inspection, lender, appraisal, and title company. It is a lot to keep up with. RHI wants to help by easing the process of the home inspection. We do this with convenient scheduling, 24 hour or less reports to both you and your client and a knowledgeable and highly trained team who are here to help. We want to make this a smooth process for everyone involved.

First, we have convenient scheduling. You or your client can call or text our office at 812-774-0804. You can even schedule online here. When you call or text, one of our Client Coordinators will be able to help answer any questions you have and get your client on the schedule for a day and time that is convenient for them. We understand you have deadlines to meet for scheduling an inspection, and we have multiple highly trained inspectors available to help complete the inspection within your timeframe. We also offer various ancillary services so RHI can take care of all your client’s needs. Our Client Coordinators are knowledgeable about these services, and we have individual pages on our website for each service that explains what the service is, why and when you might need it, and how RHI will inspect or perform the inspection or test.

Once you schedule with RHI, we take care of everything. We email you, your client, and the listing agent to confirm the inspection day and time. RHI also sends reminder emails the day before the inspection. Our reports are completed within 24 hours and a link to the copy of your report is emailed to you and your client. We welcome the buyers to join the inspector at the end to review the findings including any areas of concern and allow the inspector to help answer any questions you or your clients have. Our inspectors are available after to help answer any questions as well. Once your client has agreed to inspection repairs and those repairs are complete, they can schedule a re-inspection and our inspectors will come out to check that those repairs were completed correctly.

RHI also offers multiple ancillary services in addition to our home inspection. This allows your client an overall look at the home and lowers your liability as an agent. That is important when you want peace of mind for yourself and your clients. We offer full home inspection with termite which will include all major components of the home including the roof, foundation, HVAC, electric panel, exposed plumbing, and attic access, if accessible. Radon is an odorless gas that has been linked to lung cancer and can be found in any structure. We offer immediate results once the testing period is completed. Our mold testing bundle offers air quality samples as well as a tape lift of any organic growth. Our sewer scope is great for checking the lateral line leading out of the home. We highly recommend this service if older homes that have cast iron pipes or clay tile. It is also a great idea to consider this service if there are a lot of trees or shrubs near the home. Our chimney scope gives you a good look at what is going on inside the chimney flue while looking for cracks and buildup. We also offer pool and spa inspections, septic dye testing, well water testing, and many other services. Ask about our Health and Premium bundles to pair services and save.

Whether you are selling a starter home, brand-new home, a forever home, or a commercial building space, we can ease the inspection process. We offer convenient scheduling online or by calling our office. Our Client Coordinators will guide you through the scheduling process, explain our ancillary services, and handle all future communication. Our knowledgeable inspectors will create an easy-to-understand report within 24 hours and will be available to answer any questions you have. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your clients!