Plumbing Inspections

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Plumbing Inspections

   A plumbing inspection checks out all the plumbing that is visible to the inspector inside and outside of the house. It is the bloodline of your home. Plumbing feeds key parts of your home such as the bathrooms and kitchen. Proper plumbing ensures high function out of these vital spaces in your home.

   Bottom line, you need a functioning plumbing system. This is literally the bloodline for your home and allows many necessary tasks to be completed. Not only do plumbing issues hinder daily tasks, but these issues can also become very costly. Our inspection can help you determine if there are issues. If there are, it will help you understand the timeframe and cost related to fixing the defective items.

   Our plumbing inspection includes sinks, toilets, bathtubs, outdoor, and visible pipes. Your inspector will check each of these fixtures to be sure they work properly. They will also look for leaks around the fixtures and the plumbing pipes. Your inspector will locate the whole house water shut off and will test the water heater to make sure it is heating properly.

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