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Prepping Your Home for Back to School

Back to school usually means getting back to a routine for most. Summer fun is great, but the more families stray from a schedule, the harder it can be to get back to one once school starts....

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Prepping Your Deck for Summer

Outside spaces become a crucial part of summer fun for most families. Whether choosing to grill, chill, or party, decks are one of the most popular summer gathering places. Therefore, it is...

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Ready for Summer

Summer is officially here! For most, summer screams fun, boasting no school, vacations, and plenty of cool treats. But summer isn’t all fun as a lot of things need to be completed before enjoying...

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Pool Party: Chlorine Versus Saltwater

Today, pools come in all shapes and sizes with multiple options and features. That also includes the way pools can be maintained. When it comes to choosing chlorine or saltwater, there are a few...

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Landscaping Dilemma: Mulch Versus Rock

As spring blossoms and nature comes alive, it is easy to be swept up in the beauty of it all. However, understanding that as beautiful as it all is, it takes maintenance to keep everything looking...

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Do I Need a Sewer Scope Inspection?

What is a sewer scope inspection? A sewer scope inspection is an inspection of the sewer lateral from the home to the city sewer. This inspection is done with a camera on a rod with a video screen...

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