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Deck Safety Month

As families start spending more time outside, they will be ready to enjoy their outside spaces. Decks are one of the most popular outside areas this time of year. Whether choosing to grill, chill,...

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Spring Has Sprung!

Home Maintenance and Cleaning Guide   Spring is here! Birds singing, bees buzzing, pollen flying. Pop a Claritin and let’s talk spring cleaning and home maintenance. After winter, it is time for...

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Radon Testing: Search for a Silent Killer

Radon is very prevalent and dangerous in our area, yet not many people have heard about it. When levels are tested in the home, the higher the number, the greater the risk of Radon’s number one side...

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You Just Had a Home Inspection…Now What?

So, you’re buying a home and you just had it inspected. More often than not, instead of feeling really good about your decision, you are left with several questions or further concerns based on your...

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The Home Inspection Process

A home inspection is a professional, objective, and visual examination of the condition of a home at that moment in time. Home buyers now entering the marketplace view inspections as a way to gain...

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RHI would like to welcome you to our blogs. Both of us started as educators. When you have that desire to help people learn, you never really lose it no matter what you choose to do in life. After...

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