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Who We Are

RHI is a family willing to learn and grow together. We dream, craft, and forge a better personal and professional life. We work smart, we play hard.

Our Mission

Empower others through ongoing education to create a community of people who can make informed decisions about their home or business so they can turn their dreams into reality.

Our Vision

Spark positive life-altering internal and external growth in every person we encounter.

Our Values

RHI is a team-oriented family willing to learn and grow together. We are critical thinkers and problem solvers with common sense and integrity. We openly share our unique and ever-expanding knowledge and experiences to help ourselves and others build the life they always envisioned. We search for the positive and fun in every situation, even when that is hard. Failure is an opportunity to grow.

Our Culture

We dream, craft, and forge a better personal and professional life. We embrace accountability and push each other to be our best selves. We work smart; we play hard. We seek the humor and fun in all moments of life.

Meet the team

Headshot of Libby Mayes, the Growth Coordinator to RHI Inspections

Libby Mayes

Growth Coordinator

Libby is the Growth Coordinator for RHI. She is married to Jason Mayes. 

Nicole Guth

Office Assistant

Nicole is married to Jordan and they have three daughters, Harper, Ada, and Remi. 

Headshot of Drew Bierman, Professional Home Inspector of RHI

Drew Bierman

Home Inspector

Drew is a home inspector for RHI. He is married to Hannah and they have two …

Headshot of Rowdy Abbot, Home Inspector of RHI

Rowdy Abbott

Home Inspector

Rowdy is a home inspector for RHI. He is married to Shelby and they share…

Headshot of Jessica Riecken, Operations Director RHI

Jessica Riecken

Operations Director

Jessica is the Operations Director of RHI. She is married to Brandon and they …

Headshot of Brandon Riecken, Director of Services, RHI

Brandon Riecken

Director of Services

Brandon is the Director of Services at RHI. He is married to Jessica and they have two …


RHI is proud to carry numerous professional certifications. This is just one part of ensuring we deliver the best possible services to our customers.

How We Give Back

RHI believes in giving back. We strive to grow an awesome team because that helps grow an amazing community. Our community helps build our business and we help build our community. At the end of the day, family and friends are what matter most to us. We donate our time, energy, and money to local organizations that support friends, family, and community.

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