Pool and Spa Inspections

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Pool and Spa Inspections

Owning a home with a pool or spa can be a bonus or it could be way more work than some homeowners would like. Items such as pumps, filters, and pool liners can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand to replace if they are not working correctly. However, pools can add tremendous value to your home and lifestyle.

A pool inspection is a complete look at the pool and all the accompanying parts. It is especially important to have a pool and spa inspection performed to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Pools/Spas and pools/spa systems can be extremely expensive to fix or replace. This inspection will help you make a well-informed decision about the pool or spa.

Your home inspector will check all the working parts of the pool to ensure they are in working order. Also, the water level and water quality will be tested. All the electrical components such as pumps, timers, lights, and automatic pool covers will be evaluated. The plumbing to and from the pool and heating systems will be tested along with pool drains and water jets. The pool liner and the deck or patio will be checked for safety or defective issues. All pools should have a fence around them to prevent children from entering.

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