Heating & Air Conditioning Inspections

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Heating & Air Conditioning Inspections

   A heating and air conditioning inspection is a check of your home’s heating and cooling system to see that they are running properly at the time of inspection. The heating and cooling systems are not only vital in your comfort level, but they are also key to keeping your home regulated. 

   Heating and cooling systems help stabilize your home environment. This keeps you and your house comfortable. Properly functioning systems can also help you reduce your footprint and your bill. These systems are an expensive component in your home. This means repairs can be costly as well. Proper maintenance and routine inspections will help your systems run effectively for years.

   RHI will check that the furnace, air conditioner and heat pump are properly functioning. Your inspector will check the system for carbon monoxide or gas leaks. A dirty filter, rust, signs of condensation issues, and flare outs in the furnace are all issues our inspectors will evaluate. The thermostat will also be tested to make sure it is properly adjusting the systems. This entire evaluation is included in our standard inspection.

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