Electrical Inspections

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Electrical Inspections

   An electrical inspection will cover all parts of the electrical system that is accessible to your home inspector. This inspection will include service to the home, meter, disconnect, main panel, and sub-panels. All accessible outlets, switches, lighting, ceiling fans, baseboard heaters, etc. will be inspected. 

   An electrical system is the nervous system of your house. It is vital in terms of running an efficient home. If systems are not functioning properly, several issues can follow. Faulty switches, improperly wired outlets, inadequately wired sub-panels, unsafe electrical connections in the attic, or crawl space are just a few problems found during an inspection due to incorrect electric work.

   RHI will inspect the electrical panel, service wiring for the property, meter, disconnect, main and sub-panel. Your inspector will go room by room to make sure that all accessible switches, outlets, and other electrical fixtures are in working order. A report will be generated after your inspection to share the findings. This is included with our standard home inspection.

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