Foundation Inspections

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Foundation Inspections

   Foundation inspections are part of our residential home inspection. However, there are times that clients just want to have a foundation inspected. Cracks, buckling, warping, stains, etc. are all signs there could be foundation problems. 

   A safe house starts with a solid foundation. Cracks in concrete, buckling, warping, stains, discoloring, soil separation, and moisture penetration are all signs of potential foundation issues outside the home. Sloping floors, windows, and doors that will not close, and physical cracks are all indications that foundation issues have created inside problems as well.

   RHI will check the foundation or base of the home. Your inspector will look for any foundation issues such as cracks or water damage that might possibly be signs of something more serious. Your inspector will then create a report for you to review all the findings and recommendations. This will aid you in your selling and buying decisions.

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