Chimney Scope Inspections

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Chimney Scope Inspections

A chimney scope is a more detailed inspection of your chimney. During our home inspection we will do a visual inspection of the exterior chimney and test its components such as the flue door or gas inserts. With a chimney scope, your inspector will utilize our 360 camera to get a much more detailed look inside your chimney. RHI can complete your chimney scope with your home inspection for a bundled price.

When preparing for colder seasons, you will want to utilize your chimney for warmth and the aesthetic a fire can bring into your home. The safety of your home and family could depend on a professional chimney scope finding an issue and recommending a repair before you build your first fire of the season. A chimney scope is recommended annually before you build any fires.

Your RHI inspector will examine the readily accessible portions of your chimney with a 360-degree camera to confirm that the integrity of the structure is sound. The inspector also confirms that chimney components are all working properly. We check for cracks in the liner, missing mortar, possible fire damage, and vermin activity. If you plan on using your chimney regularly during the colder months, we highly recommend this service.

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