Let’s be honest. Nobody likes having plumbing issues. Worse than that, nobody likes expensive and lengthy repairs. But, if you are a homeowner, at some point, an issue will happen. During RHIs home inspection, we check vent stacks, visible connections in the attic, run all the attached fixtures and check for proper drainage, and inspect all accessible plumbing under the house. We also check water heaters and gas appliances. As an additional service, we can scope the sewer lateral from the house to the street and we can perform a septic dye test. If issues or concerns are found, it is always our recommendation to find a licensed professional to further evaluate and make any necessary repairs. One company that we partner with to do just that is Fisher Total Maintenance owned by Marty Fisher. We interviewed Marty to learn more about his company’s mission and his vision for putting value in front of clients.

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Prior to the launch of Fisher Total Maintenance in 2016, while working at Hoffman Plumbing, I was fortunate enough to work with a company known as Van Beck Services that offered a variety of services ranging from cutting grass and landscaping to larger remodel projects. That’s where my idea and vision were somewhat born for wanting my own a company that could provide condo-style living for the Evansville, Indiana area without having to live in a condo.

With my second of two sons about to graduate high school, I felt it was the perfect time to jump back into business ownership after previously owning a small business known as M&M Plumbing in the early 2000s. I reached out to multiple people from various trades and brought together a staff of well-trained and skilled tradesmen to bring my vision to life. I wanted to venture out into all aspects of construction and home maintenance and I wanted to bring a one-stop shop feel to our company for the greater Evansville area.

At first, we focused on a lot of service work or even something as simple as cutting someone’s yard or moving trash cans to the curb for the elderly. That then evolved into being tasked with repairs for inspection reports for real estate transactions. We currently work with over 50 realtors when it comes to inspection reports. We take pride in providing peace of mind for
the buyers and sellers with every transaction because we know the work will be done in a professional and timely manner. We also provide a one-year warranty with all repairs made. In general, our mission is to provide that one-stop shop feel with an emphasis on being personable and having strong customer service skills.

What sets Fisher Total Maintenance apart from other maintenance companies?

We are truly a one-stop shop. We’re a handyman service with master licensing in-house. This allows us to take on bigger projects, like the work that was done at the Myriad Tap Room in Newburgh. Aside from building the framework of the building, we did everything else from the ground up. This included all the plumbing, electric, HVAC, drywall and more to get it to looking like the facility you see today.

What are the most common plumbing problems you find?

The most common plumbing problem we find in homes would be running toilets. This causes a high water bill. This is often a simple fix if you have the proper knowledge or guidance when it comes to these repairs. An example of this is replacing a toilet flapper, which is about five dollars. It can be purchased at any Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, etc., and can be the solution to fixing a toilet running constantly and preventing an elevated water bill.

Another common problem would be stopped up drains. These can often be fixed with a plunger
or an auger. However, sometimes you might need to call someone like us or another contractor that has a bigger drain snake or drain machine to remove the clog in the line and get water flowing properly again.

What are the most expensive plumbing issues you encounter?

The most expensive issues often involve replacing busted pipes or main sewer lines. If your house has a crawlspace, it can be a straightforward fix as far as being able to access the bad pipe that needs replaced. If your house does not have a crawlspace or a basement, and is built on a slab, it causes these types of repairs to become more expensive and time consuming. With those types of repairs can include removing flooring, jackhammeringtime-consuming concrete, digging, etc. to access the bad pipe and make that repair.

What is your best advice for homeowners to maintain plumbing?

Kind of going along with what we just talked about, simple preventative maintenance goes a long way in helping maintain their house’s plumbing. Getting to the smaller repairs more quickly helps to prevent the big, expensive repairs later. An example would be flushing your water heater annually to prevent build up in the bottom of the tank, extending the life of the water heater. Another example would be removing your garden hose on an outside hydrant or spigot during the colder months of the year helps to prevent freezing and bursting, which can lead to bigger issues in the spring like leaks in your crawlspace or basement.

What types of services does Fisher Total Maintenance offer?

We have a staff compiled of tradesmen from various backgrounds including plumbing, electric, and HVAC. We also offer fabricating services, siding, fascia, gutters, and roof repairs, as well as pressure washing or even hauling off unwanted junk that builds up in your garage. Big project or small task, just about anything you need us to do, we have someone on our staff that has the skill set to get it done.

At RHI, we know plumbing is a major component in the home inspection process because it is so vital to the comfort and function of a home. When problems arise, most just want them fixed. We do our best to give our clients the information they need to make informed decisions, including plumbing. From there, we always recommend having a licensed professional further evaluate and make necessary repairs. That is why we partner with trusted companies like Fisher Total Maintenance. To learn more about this awesome company, visit www.fishertotalmaintenance.com.