When buying a home with a pool, having the pool inspected for safety, function and condition is an important part of inspecting the home. Having a pool can be a great feature and asset. However, if the pool is not in good working condition, it can also be expensive to fix and dangerous for your family. Repairs can range from something minor with minimal costs or it could require a lot of work and be quite expensive. Having a pool inspection will help you make an informed decision about DIY care or hiring professionals for your pool.

A pool inspection is a complete look at the pool and all the working parts. It is especially important to have the pool and/or spa inspection performed to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Items such as pumps, filters, and pool liners can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand to replace if they are not working correctly. Also, you want to make sure all safety features are in placing and functioning properly. Nothing is more important than protecting your family and friends.

A pool inspection can turn up common issues as well as more unique issues that are costly. One common issue is damaged coping on the pool deck. Coping is the concrete or stone capping around the pool. Damaged mastic, the expansion seal that is around an inground pool’s edge, is also a common inspection find. It acts like a joint sealer between the concrete sections. Latches or safety features that are not functioning are top catches too. The pool liner and the foundation could have cracks, leaks, or any other kind of damage. Lighting, drains, ladders, and handrails could be installed improperly. Finally, pumps, filters, heaters, timers, and any plumbing and electrical parts of the pool are also common discoveries during our pool inspection.

Your RHI home inspector will check all the working parts of the pool to ensure they are functioning properly. The water level and water quality will be checked. All the electrical components such as pumps, timers, lights, and automatic pool covers will be evaluated. The plumbing to and from the pool and heating systems will be checked along with pool drains and water jets. All additions such as stairs, ladders, slides, and diving boards will be evaluated to ensure they are functioning correctly. Finally, pool liners, fences, or safety features and the deck or patio will be examined for defective issues.

Pools can create an amazing ambiance when cared for properly. Pool maintenance can be DIY, or you can have professionals help by inspecting and maintaining. There are several working parts to your pool. Due to this, repairs can be minimal or quite costly. Appropriate barriers must also be functioning effectively for everyone’s safety. RHI can inspect your pool with your home inspection or perform a solo inspection. Once you understand what you are working with for the pool, you can decide if it is something you can handle or if you want professional help. No matter the path you choose, having a well-maintained pool can add huge value to your home and fun to your life!

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A pool inspection is a complete look at the pool and all the accompanying parts. It is especially important to have a pool and spa inspection performed to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Pools and spa systems can be extremely expensive to fix or replace. A pool inspection will help you make a well-informed decision about the pool or spa.