RHI would like to welcome you to our blogs. Both of us started as educators. When you have that desire to help people learn, you never really lose it no matter what you choose to do in life. After transitioning from teaching, we knew our mission would be to educate our clients, and our vision would be to continually grow an excellent team to fulfill our mission. We are committed to every step of the home inspection process. That is why we have decided to create our blogs. Our background and values compel us to share our unique and ever-expanding experiences with you.

RHI was founded in 2010 with a single inspector, and we have now grown into a multi-inspector company. That process has been incredibly rewarding and very challenging all at the same time. The primary way we were able to create that growth was through our continuous education. We then had to coach our RHI family as we continued to expand. This education grew when we started classes for first time home buyers and incoming agents. We are now hoping to reach further and educate through our blogs.

We hope to craft content that is concise, informational, and helpful. This space will be where we share out anything from home maintenance tips to home defect clarifications. The processes we use for our services and certifications we hold will be explained in detail as well. Pictures and videos will be utilized to help further our explanations and your understanding. Crazy finds and close encounters can be expected as one way we hope to share our humor and fun. We will continuously add new content, so please read on to see what our blogs have to offer.