At RHI Home Inspections, our main mission is education. This not only applies to us, but to those around us. Home buyers and sellers, real estate agents, and anyone we meet are all growth possibilities. We make learning a priority for our team, so we are able to share our knowledge with others and hope that we get the same thing in return. One way that we are intentionally approaching our mission is through our new agent class. This agent training highlights our inspection process, the tool utilized for different services, how our findings will look on the report, and how agents can prepare their clients for the entire process.

RHI partners with local real estate offices who teach their incoming agents about the entire transaction. When it is time for the home inspection portion, we have that office select a vacant house for us to perform a full mock inspection. RHI completes the inspection prior to the class. Then, when agents arrive at the home, we distribute the report to each person and review it. We take the agents through the home and show how our inspectors determined their findings. We demonstrate how each of our tools work, which include an outlet tester, voltage tester, microwave tester, thermal image camera, gas tester, wet cell thermometer, sewer scope camera, 360-degree chimney camera, drone, and more.

We also have an open conversation about how to talk to their clients regarding the inspection process. We understand that the inspection can be a very stressful portion of the home buying/selling process. Prepping clients for an inspection is crucial and we want agents to know that. This class is a great opportunity for agents to ask questions without clients present so they can better understand how the process works, why and how we report on the items that we do, and how to coach their clients before the inspection begins.

The reality is that this class was created as a way for RHI to help inform agents what an inspection is and what it is not. We also wanted to show agents the value we could put in front of them with the process we created from start to finish with our inspections. This training was designed with new agents in mind because those agents have more to learn and more experience to gain. We want them to understand how and why we do things the way we do. We want them to know what ancillary services we have available and how to effectively prepare their clients for the inspection process. Most importantly, we want to start a working relationship. This class makes their job and ours easier. We love a good win, win! If you are interested in this type of training for yourself or your team, please contact our Growth Coordinator at