As owners of RHI, both of us started our careers as educators. When you have that desire to help people learn, you never really lose it no matter what you choose to do in life. That is why after transitioning from teaching, we knew our mission would be to educate our clients and our vision would be to constantly grow a team to fulfill our mission. We are committed to every step of the home inspection process and beyond. That is why we have decided to send you The Safe Home book as a reference for you to continue your education about your home. This book is meant to be a tool that includes valuable tips to not only keep your home in top condition, but to keep your family safe.

The Safe Home book is essentially a collection of well-researched articles written especially for homeowners. It was crafted by an organization called InterNACHI, which stands for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. It is the world’s largest organization for residential and commercial home inspectors. RHI utilizes InterNACHI as our main classroom training to certify our inspectors. Our goal is to educate you through the home inspection process and leave you something to aid in furthering your understanding of your home.

Sadly, many accidents happen right at home but could have been prevented. Inside the Safe Home Book, you will find several sections on topics that will keep your family protected and your home in optimal condition. The family safety sections includes articles on how to keep children and the elderly out of harm’s way to swimming pool, stairway, and fire safety. The home sections include security options, electrical, environmental, and mother nature safety tips. The book also includes several maintenance tips such as protecting against vermin and pests to understanding and maintaining aging appliances and equipment. We encourage you to continue to educate yourself about your home and make it the refuge it should be for your family.