For anyone who has ever witnessed a pouncing fox, you know that it is a beautiful sight to behold. That is what Jared Steckler with Steckler Landscaping set out to create with his business.

Just like the fox, Jared is clever, resourceful, and an incredibly hard worker. When he puts these skills together, he is also able to create beauty in outdoor spaces. It is no wonder he was drawn to the pouncing fox as his symbol to represent his company.

RHI Home Inspections understands that these outdoor spaces add incredible value to a clients lifestyle and home. With summer starting, we sat down with Jared and talked about all things landscaping.

Tell us the Steckler Landscaping story.

“Steckler Landscaping began strictly as a shrubbery and yard maintenance company. Within a couple of years, we began to take on a few hardscaping jobs such as boulder outcroppings and paver patio installations. We soon realized our customers were digging our designs and we began to focus on the high-end work. Now we specialize in retaining walls, paver patios, and natural stone installations.”

What are the current landscaping trends in the industry right now?

“Most of our clients are requesting low maintenance landscaping. This doesn’t mean boring. When clients request this, we recommend installing stone cover rather than mulch, plants that are hardy and compact, and using stone borders rather than metal edging.

Patio designs are trending towards large slabs with dark borders, and customers prefer gas firepits over woodburning because of their ease of use.”

What can clients do to add a wow factor to their outside spaces?

“Spaces of all sizes can have a wow factor. It’s all about matching the landscape to the buildings and other surroundings. In a country setting, we like to use natural stones with amazing patinas as well as striking plant specimens. In a smaller urban setting, we may use sleek blocks or pavers, keeping clean lines and sharp contrasts.”

What landscaping choice(s) will give clients the most bang for their buck?

“In landscaping, you get what you pay for. If costs must be cut, it’s possible to use the same plant specimens, but in a smaller pot size. Also, clients can work through a design with us to make sure that the space is going be functional with their lifestyle. I ask questions to clients to guide them through this process such as, ‘Would you be more likely to use this area if you had a covered structure?’”

What services does Steckler Landscaping provide?

“Steckler Landscaping provides full hardscape and plant installations. This would include retaining walls, patios, stairs, and more. We are happy to consult with clients to design and install plants, shrubs, and trees.

We are also excellent at creating drainage solutions for our customers. We can rework drainage including downspouts and we can install rip rap rocks. We are always available for quotes, and we will walk the client through the process from design to completion.”

Landscaping definitely adds curb appeal to homes. RHI understands that having beautiful outdoor spaces adds major value, especially when selling.

Proper drainage in landscaping is also crucial for avoiding water intrusion, which we will find during an inspection.

Beautifying your landscaping can be expensive, yet there are many cost-effective ways to update outdoor areas. Homeowners can even DIY and add major sweat equity. However, with larger projects, be a clever fox and call a professional company like Steckler Landscaping.

This will greatly improve the function and aesthetic of outdoor spaces as well as protect the home from water.