Pre-Listing Inspections

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Pre-Listing Inspections

   If you are ready to sell your home and you want the sale to go smoothly, you might want to consider a pre-listing home inspection. RHI will provide you with an inspection report showing the current condition of your home. This helps you uncover any concerns that might compromise the sale. 

   A pre-listing inspection is the same as a home inspection. However, a pre-listing inspection is completed before the home goes on the market. This inspection helps alert the seller to items/obstacles that could slow down the sale process. The seller can then take care of these issues before the home goes up for sale.

   Pre-listing inspections also give options to the seller. The seller can now choose who they want to perform the inspection and they can give the potential buyer a list of defects that were corrected or systems that received maintenance. This can be very appealing to many buyers. It also creates flexibility for the sellers because they can have more time to make repairs and they will be able to give full disclosure to potential buyers. This creates peace of mind for the seller and the buyer.

   RHI will complete the inspection and generate a user-friendly report to aid the seller in deciding what should be completed before the home goes on the market. This knowledge gives the buyer a third-party analysis of the home condition before writing an offer. Selling can be very stressful and we want to help eliminate surprises.

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