Pole Barn Home Inspections

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Pole Barn Home Inspections

   Pole barn homes are becoming more and more popular as people want to find land and not have the major costs associated with building a traditional home. These homes are not typically built on a foundation with a footer like you would see in a normal house. These houses are built with poles in the ground and a concrete slab on grade. Our inspectors are here to help you better understand these homes.

   In a typical home, your house rests atop a concrete foundation. There is not any wood to soil contact. With a pole barn style home, the wood poles are sunk into the ground and typically have concrete poured around the pole to keep it in place. This is the key difference with a pole barn home versus a traditional house. Evaluating the metal exterior of the home is also a unique feature to this style house.

   Our inspection for this type of home is similar to our standard home inspection. However, there are a few differences. RHI will evaluate the exposed post for deterioration from moisture or pests. Your inspector will also evaluate the slab for any signs of settling. The metal siding will also be inspected to ensure it was properly installed.

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