The home inspection industry is ever-changing and evolving. Change and transition are not always easy but are necessary and inevitable. RHI believes the inspection industry today will look drastically different in as little as the next five years. Therefore, our inspection company has two choices: embrace the change and grow or sit stagnant and become obsolete. Embracing the change, educating yourself and transaction partners, and consistently working to grow your business will take it to the next level of success.

Transitioning from Single Owner to an Inspection Team

Most home inspection companies start with the owner and a truck. If that owner is successful, that leads to more inspections than one person can handle. In today’s quickly moving real estate market, speed of time is of the essence. This is part of the reason home inspection teams are growing. A team of inspectors can inspect larger homes and investment properties much more efficiently than a single inspector. Larger teams also have more availability for inspection times and are able to schedule quickly. If teams are managed well, the team can offer support when a member comes across something that they question. At RHI, clients and agents have the advantage of a team of inspectors.

Connecting with Agents

RHI knows that having a positive connection with those we work closely with is important and we are constantly looking for ways to grow those relationships. One thing that is important to us as a company is growing and educating. This is not just our mission within our company, but with anyone we meet, especially within the transaction process. We strive to help everyone around us grow as we grow. To do this, we currently offer free classes to realtors, offices or teams who want to know more about home inspections and other services. RHI is constantly sharing information on our social media, on our website through blogs and services pages, through emails to keep agents informed, phone calls, and one-on-one meetings. We don’t just want to be in this business with you, we want to be a part of a successful transaction.

Educating Homeowners and Buyers

Growth on our team allows us to be able to schedule not only home buyers, but also homeowners who are potentially ready to list their home for sale, planning remodeling/additions, or just wanting a clear understanding of the current condition of their home. Growing a team of inspectors allows more time to schedule re-inspections and any ancillary services that might be necessary for peace of mind in clients. Our user-friendly reports don’t just point out deficiencies, they also note maintenance items as well. Our hope is that clients feel they can make informed decisions about the house after we have completed the inspection and reviewed the report.

Growing a Team of Inspectors

Building a team of highly qualified inspectors is key to help our clients and agents navigate a crucial part of the transaction process. RHI has a rigorous 12-week training program. During this time, inspectors must complete all required coursework, in-field training, and acquire their home inspection license, if needed. Our inspectors have at least 150 inspections under their belt before they begin doing inspections on their own. This training is invaluable as many new individual inspectors may not have the opportunity to complete that many inspections in their first year. Once inspectors start inspections on their own, their reports are reviewed for consistency. Our goal is for clients to have the same report no matter who is completing the inspection.

Growing for RHI is truly all about providing excellent customer service for our clients. We want to serve others by completing home inspections in a timely manner and provide information about possibly the largest single investment for clients. We strive to bring knowledge about homes or properties so that they are prepared to properly take care of their investment. We serve agents through education and provide key information that they can use when helping clients. We elevate those on our teams by providing them opportunities to gain experience and thrive. For anyone who encounters RHI, our hope is you walk away feeling like you have grown in some way.