A new year holds the promise of a fresh start. The opportunity to create resolutions is right around the corner. It is said that a form of these declarations has been around for over 4,000 years, so it is easy to see that this is something people continue to value. We can start over and forge the life we want. It sounds so appealing. But some achieve a couple or all of their goals while others fall short and give up completely. What is it that makes some find success while many others fail? There are numerous ideas about the best methods to achieve goals. At RHI, we try to focus more on daily habits and less on the final result.

Our team definitely sets goals, but we also set a course of action as to how we are going to make those goals happen. One of the most important aspects of goal setting is desire. You must be willing to put in the work consistently in order to get to the desired result. Many people say they want things, but their actions tell the truth. You also need to believe you deserve more and have the grit to get there. For us, we try to focus on our daily habits as the starting place of achieving a goal. Once tasks are turned into a habit, the work becomes automatic, and the desired result will come.

At RHI, our team sets personal and professional goals at the beginning of the year. But beyond that, we ask everyone to create a realistic plan or path it will take to achieve those goals. What will they have to do daily, weekly, monthly, and so on? Some are short-term goals, and some will take more time. We want everyone to have things they are working and growing toward because that is our vision. We want to spark growth in everyone we encounter. It could come from sharing our experience or an idea, but we hope we can be a spark. However, we know it is up to each individual to take that spark and light the fire for themselves.
One thing we want to do more this year is check in with each other and our goals more often. The team can discuss our progress in creating daily habits at our meetings, and we can discuss in detail every quarter. The hope in doing this is that we become a support system for each other and really good accountability partners. Staying on track can be hard, and getting caught in the whirlwind is an absolute. The people you choose to surround yourself with will be the key to forging the life you want and making your goals a reality.

One of the biggest things to remember about goals is that they are organic. Goals can and probably will change as you change. It is okay to pivot and reevaluate. You have to as you grow. Surround yourself with good people who truly care about you and want you to succeed. They will be your support system and your accountability partners, and you can be that for them too. For our RHI team, it is about the daily habits we create that will ultimately build to help us reach our goals. We hope this for you too. Best wishes for your resolutions and happy New Year!