Deciding to uproot things that are working in your business is challenging. But, knowing that change can lead to growth and add value for your business, agents, and clients makes that decision easier. This is why RHI ultimately decided to switch to Spectora Advanced for our scheduling and reporting software. Don’t get me wrong, the path to this end result was not an easy or quick one. In fact, we are still perfecting our system. However, we knew this work would help our business have the most advanced interactive report, give agents valuable tools, and provide clients with an even more user-friendly inspection report.

RHI decided that we would take on the software buildout as a team. The Leadership Team started developing our scheduling side while the inspectors were discussing and building the reporting template. After months of collaboration, we learned that it was a great opportunity to discuss what we already had that we liked and what changes we wanted to make that would streamline our process from start to finish. These discussions created even more consistency in our office and with our inspectors. As we continue to grow, we will always prioritize excellent customer service.

Agents will see added value as well with our new reports and scheduling. The greatest feedback we have received is the agent’s ability to respond to inspection using our interactive repair request builder. This feature allows agents to create a quick and custom response. Another new feature we have is convenient text reminders for inspections. The new report template also highlights inspector observations in maintenance, deficiencies, and safety/structural categories. Our hope is this allows agents to discuss options more easily with clients. RHI is also offering free classes for agents or teams to discuss our new system and provide guidance.

Clients will enjoy the benefits of these changes as well. First, we still have a very easy process for scheduling online. We are also still able to provide convenient payment options. As for the new elements, our interactive report now provides more visual information to create ease of understanding for our clients. Because the report template highlights inspector observations in maintenance, deficiencies, and safety/structural categories, we believe this will allow clients to coordinate repairs more easily. There is still an option for a PDF version if that makes the process easier, yet the interactive report gives tools to simplify and streamline your understanding and response to your inspection. The text reminders are also a new feature going out to clients.

Our team genuinely appreciates the feedback and patience as we implement this new software. We value your opinion and have made changes because of it. We will continue to listen and perfect as we move forward this year. Again, we are happy to support agents, teams, and clients. We are always available to answer questions. Our mission is to educate you so you feel empowered to make informed decisions.

We look forward to growing with you this year!