Manufactured Home Inspections

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Manufactured Home Inspections

   A modular home is sometimes confused with or called a manufactured home. A modular home is manufactured in parts and then delivered to the site and put together. A manufactured home is completely assembled into two pieces and then delivered. A manufactured and modular home inspection will have all the major components of a regular home inspection.

   An experienced inspector understands the unique issues a factory-built home might have. This knowledge allows them to identify current and possible future concerns. These issues can make the home unsafe, lower its overall value, or even make it too expensive to repair.

   Both types of homes will be inspected like our standard inspection including all the major accessible systems of a house, including exterior areas of the home, roofing, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing and interior. However, on the manufactured home, RHI will put emphasis on the pier spacing and visible signs of sagging. The foundation will be checked for proper strapping. All utility hookup areas will also be checked to make sure they were installed properly.

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