Log Cabin Inspections

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Log Cabin and A-frame Home Inspections

   Nothing beats the beauty of a log cabin or A-frame style home. These homes are primarily made of wood on the exterior as well as the interior and do come with a bit more maintenance than a traditional style home. Our inspectors are specially certified in evaluating these homes to help you better understand the condition of the framing exposed to the elements. 

   Anytime there is exposed wood on the exterior of a home, the wood is constantly fighting nature. From moisture intrusion to wood boring insects, the exposed wood must be able to repel nature to continue to stand the test of time. Routine maintenance is more critical with these types of homes. On average, all exposed wood on this style home should be re-stained or painted every 5 years and should be annually inspected.

   Your inspector is trained to find moisture and bug damage and can tell if the wood has been properly maintained. If not well maintained, we would likely find wood damaged by rotting or insect damage. If areas are not sealed regularly, moisture intrusion will cause rotting. If exposed to the sun, the wood will become brittle. If insects are allowed into the wood, they can cause unseen damage. Wood boring bees, beetles, and termites are the typical insects found. If these insects are living in your walls, you will likely find larger holes from woodpeckers that go after and eat the insect larva. RHI will conduct the home inspection with emphasis on these key areas unique to the log cabin and A-frame homes.

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