Lead Based Paint Testing

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Lead Based Paint Testing

   Lead is a very toxic metal that can cause several health problems, especially in young children. When absorbed into the body, lead can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs such as the kidneys, nerves, and blood. If you are purchasing a home that was built before 1978, lead-based paint may have been used in the home. 

   Lead has been known to cause behavioral problems, seizures, learning disabilities, and in some extreme cases, death. Some of the symptoms of lead poisoning can include headaches, nausea, stomachaches, being tired, and irritability. Some might not even show any signs or symptoms.
Lead can be found both inside and outside the home. Children can become poisoned by the lead by putting their hands or other contaminated objects in their mouths, by eating peeling or flaking lead-based paint chips that they find lying around the home or by playing in lead-contaminated soil.

   RHI will utilize a lead paint swab test. This test is an awareness test and is not intended to be a quantitative test for lead. First, your inspector will locate an area of concern. Next, the testing kit is used for swabbing the area. If the swab is red, it is an indication that lead is present. Visual results will be sent by the inspector.

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