Irrigation  Inspections

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Irrigation/Sprinkler Inspections

   A yard irrigation or sprinkler system can help you maintain a healthy lawn and landscape, but if things are not working properly, it can lead to problems. Having an inspection to check out the sprinkler or irrigation system can save costly repairs to landscaping and your yard. 

   If the system is not professionally installed, it can lead to wasted water or contamination of the home’s water supply. If the valves on an irrigation system are not working properly, the water can flow back into the main water supply for the home and cause contamination.

   Our inspector will be checking the backflow preventer to make sure it is up to date. The inspector will then run all the zones on the system. This ensures proper operation to all the areas of your lawn. They will also look at the lawn and landscape in general to get a good idea of the effectiveness of the irrigation system.

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