Historic Home Inspections

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Historic Home Inspections

   The term “historic” can mean something different for individuals. It could just mean it is an older home or it may have some significance to the buyer or community. It could also be that it has been “landmarked.” No matter how one defines it, it is important to understand that there are different guidelines used to inspect older homes.

   If you are buying a historic home, it is important that you choose an inspector who has experience with these types of homes. Inspecting a historic home is different than inspecting a modern-day home in a few ways. The inspector must be able to inspect the home by accepted standards during the time the home was built.

   When RHI inspects a historic home, we focus on the foundation, roof, the structure itself, the exterior, windows, and any toxic materials. Foundations are usually one of the key areas that can have issues. Termite damage is also a common concern in older homes. Your inspector will also look for toxic elements like lead-based paint. Having an inspector who understands the standards used at the time the house was constructed is essential with a historic home inspection.

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