Deck Inspections

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Deck Inspections

Decks can add outdoor living and dining options that increase the appeal and function of your home. However, decks that are not properly constructed or maintained can be dangerous for your family.

It is always good to have a deck checked every few years to be sure that it remains in proper working order so that no one gets hurt. Moisture and wood-destroying insects will be your deck’s biggest enemies. Wood destroying insects and moisture will find a way into the wood if the deck is not properly maintained. This decay can be a costly and time consuming to fix.

RHI will inspect several elements of the deck. Your inspector will check to make sure the deck ledger is properly fastened to the home. All beams and joists will be inspected to make sure they are properly spanned and supported. Railings and stairs will be checked to make sure they are secure and safe to use.

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