You finally had your offer accepted! Exciting! Now, you are one step closer to buying a home. Next, you will need an earnest deposit, an appraisal through your lender (if you are using one), and a home inspection. That is a lot of money going out at once and you might try to see where you can save a little of it. You must put down earnest money and you must get an appraisal, usually. The only thing left is the inspection. Should you skip it and save some money? I mean you really didn’t see anything majorly wrong with the house. This thought process is common when considering whether you should get an inspection or not. Passing on a home inspection is a huge risk when making the potentially biggest purchase in your life.

When you purchase a home, you are making a huge investment. Don’t you think it is worth the money to have it inspected? This knowledge of the home is so valuable when negotiating the price of the house, understanding repair costs, and simply gaining an understanding of the condition of your future home. Our findings can prevent you from buying a house that is too much work or too expensive for you to handle. The cost of a home inspection could save you several thousand dollars immediately or in the future.

A home inspection can help you negotiate with the sellers for either repairs, a reduction in price, or possibly a credit for the repairs at closing. As mentioned earlier, a thorough home inspection will identify safety items and defects, but it will also provide some valuable information about your home. You will find approximate ages for most major systems within the home in your report and that can help provide you with a future cost forecast. Routine maintenance is expensive and needs to be ongoing. A home inspector can suggest specific tips on how to maintain your home.

RHI also provides several ancillary services as well. Every house is different and there may be a need to go beyond the standard inspection. If you or anyone in your family has allergies or asthma, a mold inspection will inform you about the contents of the air in the home. Radon gas has been around since the beginning of time and can be dangerous, but many do not know what it is or that it could potentially be deadly. We can let you know quickly if there is a problem with levels in the home. If you are buying an older home or a home that has a lot of damp spots in the yard or trees near the home, a sewer scope is a smart addition. We have several additional services as well. If you want us to inspect it, we will.

Passing on a home inspection might save you a few hundred dollars now but having a home inspection will potentially save you thousands. A thorough home inspection can reveal several defects that the average person would not have even noticed. Our inspectors will identify safety items and defects within and outside the home. Your inspection may reveal a major defect or defects that you did not notice and now you can decide to forgo the purchase of the house. The home inspection can provide you with the necessary information to be able to step away from the purchase or simply give you a better understanding of the condition of your home.