Phase Inspections

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Phase Inspections

   A phase inspection covers the three major phases, foundation, framing/pre-drywall, and the final inspection, that come with building a home. Our inspector will come out at each of the crucial points in the building process to make sure construction is going as it should. A report will be generated after each phase of the inspection. 

   Homes are being built faster than ever. This makes it more important for “new build” buyers to have the work inspected at critical phases. Homes and buildings must be constructed according to local, state, and federal guidelines. All this mandate the minimum standards for the buildings to be habitable. It is often too late to find possible defects after the home is completed, so having a phase inspection helps ensure quality work throughout the process.

   Your RHI inspector will visit your home to conduct a three-phase inspection. Phase 1 is the foundation and it includes inspection of the footings, foundation walls, surface preparation, vapor barrier, and concrete reinforcing. Phase 2 is the framing/pre-drywall which covers unbolted sill plate, over spanned members, inadequate roof supports, under built bearing walls, improper notching and boring, severed plates, damaged joists, improper fire stops, all rough-in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical, etc. This phase should be completed before insulation and drywall. Phase 3 is the final inspection before “walk through” with builder. RHI will conduct a full home inspection during this phase.


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